Our Description

Sesame Atlanta is a branch of the eleven-time winners of the Large Band category in the West Indian American Labor Day Parade, Sesame Flyers International, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York.  Our members are extremely active and visible in the Caribbean community.  Sesame Atlanta has a vision to be positive addition to the already enthusiastic and vibrant Caribbean community throughout Metro Atlanta.

Our Motto: “Love A Kid Today and Everyday”

Sesame Flyers Atlanta understands that part of loving children means presenting them with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, technology and equipment that will prepare them for the challenges yet to come. Sesame Atlanta’s goal of youth empowerment is achieved and maintained through activities designed to address the needs of our children, their families and the community.

Sesame Atlanta Mission Statment

To provide a range of youth development, cultural, social welfare and supportive services to individuals and families residing in Metro Atlanta.